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Over the past 30 years, David Fishof has been hailed as one of the most creative and innovative entertainment producers in the world. David has brought to the world some of the most original, successful and exciting live shows in music.
David Fishof
Rock Your Dreams Putting it on the Line


David Fishof has written 2 inspiring and eye-opening books.


“In Rock Your Business, David Fishof shows you exactly why the most innovative entities are also the world’s biggest rock stars and how you can achieve that same status as an entrepreneur.”
- Sammy Hagar - Rock Star and best selling author

“David Fishof has the same relationship with music as Barnum and Bailey had with the circus, he loves it! He's always been passionate about getting ordinary people involved in creating and recreating the sounds that shaped their lives , From his early support of VH1's Save the Music, an organization dedicated to keeping music in schools, to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, he's always thinking about bringing it on home to the people who want to make music more than just a dream.”
- Roger Daltrey, Lead Singer of The Who

David is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn From the Business of Rock and Roll” (BenBella),
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David is also the author of “Putting It On The Line” (William Morrow),
a best selling book on sports and entertainment.
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Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp David Fishof is the founder and creator of the famed Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp where rock dreams become reality. The idea came to him after years of producing rock tours throughout the word. He's been honored to work with veteran rockers, Roger Daltrey, Levon Helm, Joe Walsh, Roger Hodgson, Todd Rundgren,
Jack Bruce, Dr. John, Randy Bachman, and so many more. He feels fortunate to have seen their talent first hand. David's desire to share this experience with you, gave him the inspiration to produce the one-of- a-kind,

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.
Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp TV Show David produced, along with Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor and Apprentice), a television docu-reality series based on and filmed at "Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp." This 5 part series, titled, "Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp," premiered in 2010 on VH1 Networks.
Watch the series online here.
Monkees and David Fishof
David is responsible for reuniting The Monkees and introducing them to a new generation of MTV fans with a string of blowout tours across the globe in 1986.
Ringo Starr and David Fishof Ringo Starr It was David who went to Ringo Starr and together they created
the All Starr Band concept and began touring in 1989. David has produced 8 All Starr Band tours around the world over the past 15 years.
Dirty Dancing
American Bandstand American Gladiators British Rock Symphony
David has also produced:
Dirty Dancing: The Concert Tour, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Tour, The Happy Together Tours, Classic Superfest,
American Gladiators Live Tour, Mortal Kombat Live Tour and the British Rock Symphony with feature vocalists
Peter Frampton, Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper and Jon Anderson.
New York Giants Lou Piniella Dave Magadan Randy Myers
In the sports world David has represented legends such as NFL greats Phil Simms, Mark Bavaro, Vince Ferragamo, Jack Reynolds, and Baseball Stars Lou Piniella, Dave Magadan, Randy Myers ... the list goes on.
David spends much of his time producing shows for various charities.

“Creativity is the key.
You must not only be able to come up with ideas, but you must be able to execute them in order to succeed."

~ David Fishof
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